99% of people don't comment.

Conversful's uniquely private and personal approach creates an environment in which people feel comfortable discussing your content.

Online commenting is almost as old as the internet itself, but it hasn't changed much since it was created. It's still sits at the bottom of the page and asks you to broadcast your thoughts publicly to the world. And if you do so there's still no guarantee that anyone ever reads them or better yet acknowledges and responses to them. While commenting's evolved to votes, replies and emoji support - none of this changes the core tenants of commenting that is broken.

At Conversful, we set out to reimagine commenting from the ground up. We dropped all of the preconceived notions of what commenting is and built something new. Something that's real-time, personal and private. Something that mimics how conversations unfold in the real world. Something that makes people feel comfortable talking and sharing their thoughts online, likely for the first time.

We've spent the past year building this product and are really excited to share it with the world. To do so, we're starting a free pilot program with select media companies. In this program, we'll work with them to roll out Conversful on their site, ensuring what we're building is connecting with their community and is working for their business. We are looking for partners that produce unique, thought-provoking content and have 1M+ page views per month. If this sounds like a site you know (or work for) please email ben@conversful.com saying 👋.